Message from the President of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

Message from the Society President

MIYAZAKI Takashi President
Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

It has already been a year since I was appointed as the President of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology. On June 16th, we had our Regular General Meeting of 2019, where the business report and settlement of 2018 account were approved.

As an executive of the Society, my goal is to provide our members with even better service, strengthen the presence of the Society through the activities of our members, and make a social contribution as a non-profit incorporated association. Each committee has remained very active throughout the last 12 months, and the results are beginning to emerge. As part of the upgraded service to our members, we started publishing reports and other information concerning the Society on our homepage and created a mail magazine to directly inform our members.

The three main businesses of the Society are the academic conference, publication of the bulletin, and certification system for members. The 48th academic conference, which was held in Osaka under the leadership of Conference Chairman Shunsuke Baba and with the theme “Creating the Future with Implant Treatment – Responsibility to the Super-Aging Society,” was a success with almost 5,000 participants. Moreover, as part of the Osaka Declaration, we declared that this Society, which is the largest among all dentistry-related institutes, shall take the leadership to further extend healthy life expectancy through oral rehabilitation treatment, including implants, and bring innovations to the dental care field. Based on this declaration, we pledge ourselves to continue to work responsibly and be recognized by our citizens as a reputable institution.

The 49th academic conference will be held in Fukuoka between September 20th and 22nd, led by Conference Chairman Hirofumi Kido. While the theme “Creating the Future with Implant Treatment” remains the same, we will adopt the sub-theme “Uniting Skills and Technology” for this year’s conference. We would like to announce our commitment to offering safe and reliable implant treatment, actively using the newest technologies that are rapidly being adopted for clinical application, acquiring reliable clinical skills, and dedicating ourselves wholeheartedly to every single patient. As with the previous editions, the academic conference of this year will feature a wide range of special lectures, focused lectures, and symposiums, and we hope that many of our members will participate.

As for the certification system, we have simplified the process for members to apply for professional qualifications and have modified the exams, including the case presentation exam, to a format that better suits the current dental practices. Meanwhile, after a series of discussions among dentistry specialists of related institutions, the Japanese Dental Specialty Board was founded in April 2017. The subject currently being reviewed by the Board is the guidelines of the dental specialist system. This Society, however, is one step ahead of these guidelines and has conducted curriculum planning workshops to establish general goals and objectives for the training curriculum to obtain specialties. In the academic conference of the last general meeting, we had a briefing on the curriculum plan and evaluation. Our next step is to devise a plan and an evaluation method that suit the characteristics of each training facility, and put them into practice.

It is also our intention to introduce our new dental implant specialty, which we are developing through a partnership with the Japanese Society of Maxillofacial Implants, without any delay. In addition, in 2020, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Society, we will hold the 50th academic conference and a celebration event. The preparations for the 50th anniversary, including a commemorative magazine, are progressing steadily, and we will keep our members updated through our homepage and mail magazine.