Message from the President of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

Message from the Society President

MIYAZAKI Takashi President
Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

 I am honored to have been appointed last June to succeed the President Watanabe as the president of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology. I will exert my best efforts, together with the board of directors, to serve the members of the society and help the society to grow. I would be grateful to receive support from the members of this society.

 Under former President Watanabe’s leadership, this society has both in name and in reality, conducted activities and developed as the largest academic society related to dentistry in Japan. The objectives of our activities as executives for this quarter are to improve member services further and to make social contributions as a public-interest incorporated association through the activities of our members.

 The three main projects of our society are to hold academic conferences, issue publications, and operate the certification system for our members. Regarding the academic conferences, we will plan an engaging program that will attract as many members as possible, as well as create an environment that facilitates participation.

 The society issues both an official academic journal (the Journal of Japanese Society of Oral Implantology) and an international journal (the International Journal of Implant Dentistry) collaborated with the German Society of Oral Implantology as its bulletins. Regarding the society’s official academic journal, we will create an environment where society members can easily submit their clinical research and case reports as well as publish review articles and review papers to provide beneficial information to other members of the society. For the society’s international journal, we will make efforts to acquire and maintain a high impact factor.

 For the society’s certification system, we will create an environment where our members can easily apply for professional qualifications, improve how we conduct examinations, and enable as many members as possible to acquire their professional qualifications, thereby contributing to promoting the health of Japanese citizens.

 The 47th academic conference held in Sendai during the previous fiscal year ended successfully under President Saigo’s leadership. The theme was The Future Created by Implant Treatment. It advocated for this society to contribute to extending the healthy life expectancy of Japan’s super-aging society under the sub-theme of Meet the Frontrunner. The 48th academic conference was also conducted successfully under the leadership of President Baba in Osaka with the same theme of The Future Created by Implant Treatment, and President Baba announced the Osaka Declaration about our Responsibilities toward the Super-Aging Society, including restoring quality of life and maintaining the dignity of patients with implants until the end of their lives.

 The 49th academic conference will be held in Fukuoka on September 20-22, 2019 under the President Kido. I hope that many members of the society will gather in Fukuoka and take part in the discussions.